HDMI Mobile Phone Cable 1.5 metre - Micro

One of the world's thinnest Micro HDMI cables. Ideal for those new mobile & cellular phones that handle high definition content.

Currently in development available soon.

  • HDMI Version 1.3 certified.
  • Category 2 - 36 AWG - 3.2 mm cable.
  • Type D micro to type A standard connectors for mobile phones.
  • Gold plated connectors to resist corrosion.
  • Teflon pearl white outer jacket to resist damage.

This cable has been specifically designed for the use with mobile and cellular phones.

It combines all of the features of a category 2 High Speed HDMI cable in a super thin form factor.

Easier and more convienient to store in bags and satchels than standard HDMI cables.

More and more mobile and cellular phones will be released with Micro HDMI ports as standard. This cable is designed specifically for use with theses devices. It has a micro type D HDMI connector on one end and a standard type A on the other. This allows you to connect your mobile phone directly to an HD TV without the use of adaptors.

Not only that, our engineers have been able to get the 19 conductors required to for HDMI into a cable that is only 3.2mm in diameter, one of the world's thinnest.

This cable is fully HDMI 1.3 category 2 certified and tested.