Pearl Silver 2 metre (6 foot)

Super Thin 4.2 mm HDMI Cable with silver plated conductors
  • Category 2 - 32 AWG - 4.2 mm cable.
  • Type C mini to type A standard connectors for portable devices.
  • Pure silver plated conductors.
  • Gold plated connectors to resist corrosion.
  • White nylon mesh outer jacket to resist damage.
HDMI Systems manufacturer their cables with the highest quality, perfectly gauged, solid-core, copper and silver conductors. Each conductor strand is precisely loomed, not twisted, into the final cable bundle; and it's important to note that the maximum number of strands HDMI Systems use in their longer cables, necessary for flexibility, is only 32. That's appreciably fewer than 200, and a lot fewer than lesser-quality manufacturers' 2,000 strands. Once the conductor has been constructed, it is wrapped in the dielectric. (insulating material) This keeps the cable at peak performance by absorbing as little energy as possible and avoiding the reintroduction of energy (distortion) into the conductor.