Pearl Silver 1.2 Metre (3.5 foot)

Silver Plated Conductors for superior HDMI cable signal transmission.

  • Category 2 - 32 AWG - 4.2 mm cable.
  • Type C mini to type A standard connectors for portable devices.
  • Pure silver plated conductors.
  • Gold plated connectors to resist corrosion.
  • White nylon mesh outer jacket to resist damage.
Silver plated copper is the better and more preferable option over the more common tinned copper, or even the less common oxygen free copper HDMI cables. Silver is the most superior of conductors, the use of this expensive material in coating the copper improves the flow of the bitstream, reducing digital "jitter". The result is a more intense picture with less digital artifacts. Some users report that silver cables also contribute to a more dynamic sound.