Pearl HDMI Cable 5.0 metre (16 Foot)

Heavy guage wire makes this HDMI cable ideal for long distances.

  • High speed - 24 AWG - 9.2 mm cable.
  • Standard type A to standard type A connectors.
  • Gold plated connectors to resist corrosion.
  • CL2 flame rated rated outer jacket suitable for in wall use with most building standards.
Signals degrade due to resistance. As a cable gets longer or the diameter of the wire gets smaller the resistance increases. Also the material used to make the wire makes a difference. Generally speaking as the, length of your cable goes up, the thickness of the wire should also increase. To make things just a bit more complicated the measurement used for wire gauge works like this. The lower the number the thicker the wire. So 24AWG wire is thicker than a 26AWG. HDMI cables are most commonly available in 30AWG, 28AWG (standard short length) and 24AWG (thick for longer lengths). The 24AWG has conductors more than twice the size of those in the 28AWG, and hence can carry a wider bandwidth digital signal, usually required for longer lengths Many manufacturers use 28AWG up to 7 or 8m, and upgrade to 24AWG for lengths of 10m or more. HDMI Systems uses 24AWG in its 5 metre and 10 metre cables.