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HDMI Adapters & Converters

Problems with your HDMI connectors? A to C or C to A?

Use these handy adapters to convert HDMI standard A to HDMI mini C or visa versa. More portable devices these days are using the mini C HDMI ® connector rather than the standard A connector. Rather than having to invest in a new HDMI cable use these adapters to change HDMI standard A to HDMI mini C. These HDMI adaptors have 24 karat gold plated pins to avoid corrosion. This ensures that you get top signal transmission.

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HDMI Adaptor A female - C male

Change a standard A connector to  mini C male.
Use this adaptor when you want to convert a standard A to A HDMI cable for connecting small devices with a mini C HDMI port.

HDMI Adaptor A male - C female

Change a mini C connector to a standard A male.
Use this adaptor when you want to convert a mini C cable end to a standard A to plug into standard devices.