light peak wall plate
Thunderbolt-Light Peak Wall Plates
Thunderbolt-Light Peak Ideal for In-Wall Installations

The composit optical fibers used in Thunderbolt-Light Peak composit cables have a diameter of 125 microns, about the width of a human hair. This thin optical fiber will enable Thunderbolt-Light Peak to transfer data over very thin, flexible cables. Existing electrical cable technology in mainstream computing devices is approaching practical limits for speed and length, due to electro-magnetic interference (EMI) and other issues. However, optical technology, used extensively in data centers and telecom communications, does not have these limitations since it transmits data using light instead of electricity. Thunderbolt-Light Peak will bring this optical technology to mainstream computing and consumer electronic devices in a cost-effective manner.

Whilst is a leader in Hi-Tech cable development & distribution there is no current affilliation or license agreement between and Intel Corporation.


Thunderbolt-Light Peak Single Wall Plate


Help organize any computer station or entertainment area by purchasing one of our Thunderbolt-Light Peak wall plates. Our Thunderbolt-Light Peak female to male wall plate makes for a quick and reliable installation. These plates allow you to easily route any Thunderbolt-Light Peak peripheral to a remote location giving you the ability to quickly remove any Thunderbolt-Light Peak device whether it's be to keep an area tidy or to keep items securely locked away.