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Video Camera HDMI Cable Cross Reference
Lost your Handycam HDMI cable?

More and more digital video cameras are now using the HDMI interface to transport high definition video and audio. Panasonic, Sony and JVC are the major players in the market. Sony has over 40 Handycam models, that take HDMI cables. As HDMI is a standard connection there is no need to replace a lost or broken cable with an original factory part. You can simply choose one of the HDMI Systems portable device cables to replace the lost or broken original. Here is a cross reference for compatible digital video cameras.

 Canon Vixia



 Sony Handycam


 HF-S10  GZ-HD320  AG-HMC70  HDR-CX100  DXG DXG-581V
 HF-20  GZ-HD40  AG-HMC150  HDR-CX12  Flip Mino HD 2nd Ed.
 HF-200  GZ-HD300  AG-HSC1U  HDR-CX12E  Flip Video UltraHD 
 HF-S100  GZ-HD40  HDC-DX1  HDR-CX7  Genius G-Shot DV520 
 HG-21  GZ-HD5  HDC-HS100  HDR-FX1000  Hitachi DZ-BD10HA
   GZ-HD6  HDC-HS20  HDR-FX7  Hitachi DZ-BD70
   GZ-HD7  HDC-HS250  HDR-HC9  Hitachi DZ-BD7H
   GZ-HM200  HDC-HS300  HDR-HC9E  Insignia NS-DCC5HB09
   GZ-MG670B  HDC-HS9  HDR-SR1  iSonic Snapbox HD665
   GZ-MG670BUS   HDC-SD1  HDR-SR10E  Kodak Zx1 HD
   GZ-MG680  HDC-SD100  HDR-SR11  Kodak Zi8 Pocket
   GZ-X900  HDC-SD10K   HDRE-SR11   Mustek DV 524C HD
   GZ-HD10  HDC-SD20  HDR-SR12  RCA EZ209HD
   GZ-HD3   HDC-SD5  HDR-SR12E  RCA EZ300HD 
   GZ-HD30  HDC-SD5  HDR-SR1E  Samsung HMX-H100
   GC-FM1 Picsio  HDC-SD9   HDR-SR5 (40GB)  Samsung HMX-H104
     HDC-SX5  HDR-SR5C (100GB)  Samsung HMX-H104 
     HDC-TM10K  HDR-SR5E  Samsung HMX-H105
     HDC-TM10S  HDR-SR7  Samsung HMX-H106 
     HDC-TM20K  HDR-SR7E  Samsung HMX-R10 HD
     HDC-TM20R  HDR-SR8  Samsung SC-HMX10 
     HDC-TM20S  HDR-TG1  Samsung SC-HMX20C
     HDC-TM300  HDR-TG1 (PAL)  Samsung HMX-U10 
       HDR-TG5V   Samsung SMX-K40
       HDR-UX1  Samsung SMX-K44
       HDR-UX5  Samsung SMX-K45 
       HDR-UX7  Memorex MyVideo HD 


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