Digital Camera HDMI Cable Cross Reference
HDMI the digital camera cable interface of the future.

Since the begining of 2008 there have been over 50 high definition digital still cameras released on the market that support the HDMI interface. This development is being lead by the Japanese consumer electronics companies. Sony now have 14 models on the market under thier Cyber-shot brand, Panasonic have 10 models under the Lumix brand and Canon have 8 models under the Powershot and EOS brand. Traditional camera companies like Nikon, Olympus, Kodak, Fuji and Pentax have also recently released digital cameras with the HDMI interface. Samsung is the only Korean consumer electronics company that offers digital cameras with the HDMI interface at this point.











 EOS 500D Z33WP  Z1485 IS  D5000  PEN E-P1  DMC-GH1  K-7  TL320  DSLR-A230
 PowerShot SX200 IS  F200EXR   Z980  D3X  PEN E-P2  DMC-FX580  Optio P70  HZ15W  DSLR-A380
 PowerShot SD970 IS      D90 SP-590UZ  DMC-FX48  K-m  ST10  DSLR-A330
 PowerShot SD960 IS      Coolpix S60    DMC-TS1    HZ10W  DSC-HX1
 PowerShot SD780 IS      D700    DMC-FS25    L85  DSC-T900
 EOS 5D Mark II          DMC-ZS3      DSC-T90
 PowerShot SX1 IS          DMC-FS7      DSC-S980
 EOS 50D          DMC-FS6      DSC-W290
 PowerShot G11          DMC-FS15      DSC-W230
EOS  7D          DMC-G1     DSC-G3
          DMC-GF1       DSLR-A900
          DMC-Z35       DSC-T500

 The digital camera cable will replace the Canon HTC100 HDMI cable and the Sony VMC15MHD HDMI cable and is compatible with all of the above digital cameras. Our digital camera HDMI cable is one of the world's thinnest at just 3.2 mm.

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