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HDMI for Flat Screen TV

An HDMI cable that is ideal for connection of plasma or LCD flat screen TV's.

Specially designed and patented flat category 2 cable and connectors are the secret to this unique product.

This cable will bend in a a smaller radius than standard HDMI ® cables allowing for closer wall mounting of your new flat screen display. Not only that but this cable is HDMI 1.4 ready.

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Flat Screen HDMI Cable 2.0mt (6 foot)


HDMI 1.4 Ready - Ideal for new generation thin flat sceen LCD and Plasma TV's.

This is the ideal HDMI cable to use with wall mounted LCD or plasma flat screen TV's.

The flat ribbon construction means that the cable will bend in a tighter radius than traditional HDMI cables while maintaining signal fidelity. This means you can mount your TV closer to the wall.