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This eBook is intended to help you make an informed decision about what HDMI cable and accessories you need to make your home theatre system simply stunning.

Not all HDMI cables are created equal. Differences in cable material and construction influence signal fidelity, an HDMI cable's ability to transmit different amounts of information is an important consideration. It's important to understand that audio/video signal quality can't be improved after the signal leaves a home theater source component like a receiver or DVD player; and although the signal can't be improved, it can be significantly degraded.

At the time of writing you could spend from $10 to over $500 for a 2 metre HDMI cable? There are many "sharks" out there on the internet. The best way to avoid being "ripped off" is to be informed. "HDMI Demystified" explains in simple, easy to understand language what you need to know about HDMI. 
Here is what you will learn from reading this book:

  •   What is HDMI and what it means for me?
  •   What version numbers really mean?
  •   What should I should look for in an HDMI cable?
  •   How much should I spend to get a result?
  •   How to future proof your investment?
  •   What are the pitfalls and problems I could encounter?


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