only sells hi-tech cables and connection hardware. We are 100% focused on high definition and high data cable interfaces. We know we make the best value for money, quality hi-tech cables available today.

Not all cables are created equal. Differences in cable material and construction influence signal fidelity. knows what it takes to engineer a precision hi-tech cable.  At the same time we do not want you to spend a fortune on your cable when it is not required.
Why pay $99.95 when you only need to spend $18.95 for a premium quality cable?
We can bring you these value prices by cutting our marketing and distribution costs, not by cutting quality. 
We will never compromise quality to make that extra sale. All of our cables come with a 100% money back lifetime guarantee so you can purchase with confidence.

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Download HDMI Demystified 1.4 and learn what to look for when purchasing your next HDMI cable. develops and manufactures high quality HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, USB3.0 and Light Peak cables, switches, splitters and accessories. Our products are not available in stores. This means we can bring you the latest technical developments sooner.

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